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Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking for a way to enhance your smile? Look no further than Scenic City Dentistry to help you achieve your smile goals!


For over a decade, veneers have been the restoration of choice for patients simply wanting to improve the size, shape, and shade of their teeth quickly and effectively. Veneers are often a preferred treatment method for cosmetic cases because of their ability to remain minimally invasive while providing optimal results. This is an ideal procedure for patients with undesirable tooth shape, deep stains, and chipped teeth.

Using the most detail-oriented ceramists and technicians in the country, Dr. Reardon and Dr. Parker will walk you through the process from discussing goals and expectations to the final appointment where you receive your new smile. We can even provide models and temporary try-ons to exemplify hands-on what your new smile can do for you!


More complex cases, such as those where a patient severely grinds their teeth or has experienced trauma, often require crowns as the cosmetic treatment of choice. Unlike a veneer which only covers the front surface of your tooth, a crown covers the entire exiting tooth to also give the patient an extra layer or protection and restoration to their smile. At Scenic City Dentistry, we don’t shy away from these cases one bit! Rather we invite you to come and see how we can get you back to the smile you’ve envisioned for yourself. Combined, our doctors have taken thousands of hours of continuing education to be able to tackle even the most complex cases, allowing you to be treated with the highest expertise and leave with restored confidence!

Crowns are usually performed in two appointments. The first appointment requires reducing the size of the affected tooth to remove any undesirable hindrances to the final restoration and allow space for a crown to fit over top. An impression is then taken at this appointment in order for the lab to fabricate the final product. You will leave the first day with a temporary crown to protect the underlying tooth structure. After about two weeks, you will return to the office for the removal of the temporary and the final crown will be cemented after confirming fit and esthetics.


Everyone these days wants a whiter, brighter smile. For most, a simple and brief whitening regimen can drastically change your smile. Using clinical-strength whitening agents and custom-fit bleaching trays, Scenic City Dentistry is able to provide you with faster, brighter, and whiter results than over-the-counter competitors. Many patients see results in 1-2 at-home sessions!